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Designer Statement

Alexander Kerrison is a designer and maker of contemporary pieces in a range of different materials and mediums but specializes in silversmithing. In January 2011 he exhibited his work in the Queens Gallery in  New Delhi, India and has recently been awarded The Goldsmiths Company Precise Metal Bursary after winning a competition.

"Everyone has their own unique, individual emotional reaction to what they see around them. When I look at my surroundings, whether in a bustling city centre, on top of a rocky mountain or on a warm, tropical coast line, I have my own emotional response which I express in my silversmithing work with every movement of the metal. "

Travelling to different contrasting locations inspires Alex's creativity and drives him to continue the journey into Design.

"During the making of every raised piece I have started to enjoy the process more and more, and as I've been working on one piece, I have been thinking about what exciting shape to raise next. It can be hard work, and often challenging, but I think solving the many practical and visual problems involved in any project adds to the overall enjoyment. Each creative journey through the making process to the completion of the final piece is always very rewarding."


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