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Little Gems Commission 2012

Carafe Britannia & Sterling silver with Lead crystal glass

I was commissioned to make a piece for The Sheffield Assay Office and to incorporate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Hallmark. I decided to use this opportunity to combine silversmithing with hot glass blowing to create a truly unique piece.

The idea to combine the two materials developed since studying silversmithing at University and continued through the Starter Studio Programme at Yorkshire Artspace. I think this work has great potential to be taken into many different directions and product ranges. I am passionate about these materials because they are so different in the way they respond to the making process: glassblowing gives instant results but can so easily go wrong; shaping the silver is a much slower process and requires more planning. I think they complement each other beautifully.

The work is on display at The Millennium Gallery, Sheffield 26th March - 17th September.


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